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Well rhomies, have you ever wondered where you could potentially go and work remotely from in 2022? We have curated a little something for you!

In terms of rhomer destinations we believe in 3 major categories:

First of all, we know it’s all about your hobbies. Mountainbikers might love Mallorca or Madeira, while kite surfers most certainly will prefer Fuerteventura or Sicily.

Second, we strongly believe that a rhomer has completely different needs than a tourist. You need focused time, good sleep, quiet pools and restaurants with super good food. Therefore we picked places that are either not too touristy or where you could simply go off-season and the weather and conditions ares till nice:

Thirdly, timezone! While we have seen rhomers work from exotic places like Bali and Costa Rica, most of the employers we spoke to are only accepting certain timezones. And even if your employers would allow it, working European Timezones in Costa Risa get’s old pretty soon I guess.

1. Corralejo, Fuerteventura

The ultimate nomad city in the canaries. There is literally no sport you can’t do here (There are kite spots, surf spots, yoga camps, mountain and normal bike routes, tennis, diving, wing foiling and windsurfing ... Really name one, and I am sure you will find it there). And even if you are not a sporty person, you will always find something to do here. You could take a trip to Lanzarote, a sundowner in El Cotillo or simply a beach stroll in Corralejo.

It’s a complete outdoor and active city and at the same time home of amazing restaurants and bars. Corralejo itself is home to many Italians, therefore there is always a little dolce vita in your Sangria 🧡 Corralejo is not as touristy as the other parts of Fuerteventura and you will soon feel more like home than on vacation. A typical rhome! Some of our favorite places are:

  • Barracuda - Comfortable cafe in town with the best view. Unfortunately without WiFi but super good for focused work that doesn't need WiFi

  • UgaUga - Best work cafe in town

  • Bristol Sunset - Best working, roof top, yoga spot

  • BigWave - not work related, but you CAN NOT leave Corralejo without having been to Big Wave!

2. Funchal and Ponta del Sol Madeira

Oh Madeira. You have it all. The island that combines endless spring, black beaches, green mountains and ... PASTEIS DE NATA (🤤). As a rhomer or digital nomad this is definitely worth a visit. It’s always just the right combination of sunny and breeze but the absolut best (besides the Madeirean people being just the nicest we have ever met) is the sound of the waves, when they hit the stones at the beach. This is the place to refocus, recharge, meditate or even grab a drink in one of the surrounding bars. Whatever you prefer to do to disconnect after a long day of work, you should definitely hear the sound of the stones. Madeira also offers a digital nomad visa and some pretty cool spots for nomads and travel addicts. Check it out:

3. Salzburg, Austria Don’t be fooled by the splendid and pompous flair of the city. This is a place where you can not only enjoy the relaxed mentality of the Austrians, engage in the love for food and good wine but also dive into a vibrant creative and hip international scene. Stay a bit longer to understand the mentality better and live a Salzburg Life for a couple of weeks. We don’t think you will ever want to leave again. There are hundreds of mountain tops and lakes to explore in the weekends or even in the evenings and the next Spritzer or Kaiserschmarrn is always just a step away. Our founder Julia is from there, so ping her if in need for a tipp.

4. Alcudia, Mallorca

The best thing about Mallorca is that is is SO much more than just a place for Germans to party and drink. In fact, I would dare to say it is the least part of the island. Also in Mallorca you have a place for every hobby with the great benefit of having a vibrant and modern capital city. While most of us rhomers enjoy the slow and quiet summer nights and weekends, Palma is the perfect place for a city stroll, a coffee in one of the plazas or an ensaimada in one of the hidden bakeries. Plus, in most town also a morning run on the beach is always possible and encouraged!

  • Neni Mallorca - not Alcudia but definitely worth a drive)

  • Platja des Coll Baix - this is the one thing you have to experience on a weekend in Alducia. No reception, pure nature. Love.

  • Bar Esencias - The pro breakfast Tipp for vegans and fast enough to have an early morning coffee before starting work)

5. Oslo, Norway

Yes, this was unexpected. But Oslo has so much life quality to offer that we definitely want to place it within our top 5. Oslo is a city full of energy and humour (not to mention sports! Basically everyone is always on the way from or to do something active). Once you managed to scratch the surface, this city and its Kanelsnurrer will treat you well! You can immerse in the active atmosphere of Espresso Houses all over town or hop on the train and visit a lake after work. Public transport (and really basically everything) works perfectly well, is clean and almost completely digital.

  • Espresso House Akker Brygge - Enjoy a good work afternoon with a coffee (But keep in mind: this is a weekday thing. On weekend it gets super crowded. Also Pro Tipp: If you stay in Oslo for at least 4 weeks: Get a coffee subscription 🧡)

  • Revierhavenen Klo Hovedøya - Our aboslute Tipp for a creative session in the nature. Bring your laptop, sit outside and watch Oslo from a distance!

  • Cafè Amsterdam - Afterwork. No more words needed 🎉

Yes, we realized that Lisbon isn’t one of our Top 5! But really only because we already know, everyone loves Lisbon and it’s barely a secret anymore! And hey ... maybe stay tuned and find it in our Top 10 🧐🧡

Photo by Erik Odiin on Unsplash

Photo by Arvid Malde on Unsplash

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