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Today we want to celebrate HR managers and employees đŸŸ

Imagine having their job: You chose this career because you care deeply about people, about organizations and about their wellbeing. You always look out for employees and want them to have the best possible life at the company so that they will not leave. And you are constantly on a mission of recruiting the most amazing team members and offer them the best benefits đŸ€—. And then, one day a colleague shows up and asks (or more specifically informs you because really WHAT should be the problem?) "Hey, I am working from Mallorca for the next two weeks. Is that oaky?" and from one moment to the other you have to become the bad guy and tell them “No!”

You might think your HR managers are evil, old-fashioned and maybe even petty 😈. But let me tell you something: It is neither in the interest of your HR person to shield you from working in the sun, nor can they solve this issue on their own. Why? Because it is a legal and compliance issue and it’s simply nothing that can be solved easily and fast (and believe us, we have seen so many try!).

So .. we want you to call your HR person today, give them a (virtual or corona-friendly) hug and let them know you appreciate them trying 🧡 🧳. Also while you're at it, tell them that there is a solution and book them a demo directly via our website (also you can book it and spontaneously invite them)

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